Blogging on a Laptop ComputerWriting blogs can be loads of fun! Isn’t it amazing living in this modern age where we have the tools to share our knowledge, thoughts and soul with the world?

Blogs should be written from the point of view of giving. Think of it this way. If someone you loved, trusted and felt very comfortable with asked you, “could you please help me to understand engines, phones, about traveling in Bangkok (or any topic you are familiar with),” what would you say? If you write a blog from this perspective, it will naturally resonate with readers.

Blog Writing Tips:

  • Think of yourself as a teacher and people are quiet, sitting pens in hand, craving  to hear your unique advice/expertise
  • Write in a friendly and casual manner at an easy to read level (unless your target audience is otherwise)
  • Ensure your writing is light hearted, casual and fun, as if you are having a conversation with your best friend
  • Think strategically about unique content that will vibrate well with your specific audiences and target markets. Research what has already been written and think of either information that was overlooked, or if you disagree, intellectually offer a blog proposing a completely opposite viewpoint
  • What have you used Google for recently?  If you are wondering about something specific to your line of work, chances are others are wondering the same thing! Don’t just share the information you have learned, explain what you have learned, how you have tried it and how it worked for you
  • Offer explanations, suggestions and how–tos, which will ensure the content is highly valuable to your readers
  • Use common words specific to your industry. In a later post I will explain how to find the hot words in your industry that solicits the most traffic and how and where to place these in your article and in your coding
  • Think of creating lists i.e. Top 10 Ways to Get Your Hair to Do That Sexy Woo Hoo Curl!
  • Think of offering tips i.e. Tips for Living with an Overly Demanding Cat
  • Remember, if you are posting on the Internet, you are writing for a global audience,  thus watch the use of certain words or phrases that could offend other cultures
  • Create an enticing title. Readers want to know that if they are spending their quality time reading  your blog, they are guaranteed to get something out of it that will improve their relationships, career or life in general – guarantee they may get these through your title

So now that you have some basic tips, it is time to put that Quill in Motion and show the world what you have to offer! Happy blogging!:)