Woman deciding on which of the top social media sites she should useAre you a small business owner looking to get started on the top social media sites? This article was made for you! This article will provide you with the highpoints of some of the most widely used social media platforms used by businesses. Whether you want to promote a contest, generate interest for your brand or begin taking steps to generate leads, knowing the features that will be most helpful to you can turn any social media platform from unknown stranger to your trusty best friend!



  • Excellent for business to business communication
  • Terrific place to showcase your products and services (portfolios)
  • Use it to promote upcoming events
  • Use status updates to demonstrate your expertise
  • Use LinkedIn business pages for inexpensive advertising to your target market
  • Join groups and follow those in the groups for potential customers or referral sources
  • Post videos to further showcase your brand
  • Encourage customers to recommend your product or service
  • Export your contact list for an instant email list!!
  • Use shared connections to get connected to people you want to know
  • Excellent for SEO

TIP: Building your own group is a fantastic way to showcase your expertise!


  • Great tool to show your own unique/personal style
  • Showcase real people interacting with your brand
  • Fantastic for displaying photos and updates
  • Separate your personal and business accounts – listing promotional items on your personal account can get it shut down! Instead, consider adding a banner on your personal page that links people to your business page. Check out my Facebook business page link off of my personal page
  • Learn how to use Facebook Insights to understand how and when people are interacting with your posts
  • Post items that are either interesting, engaging or helpful
  • Visual content is critical
  • Consider creating a group to expand awareness of your business
  • Note: Promoted posts and contests generally do not perform well unless you have a few hundred followers
  • If running a contest, use a contest application (you cannot run a contest directly on your Facebook page)

TIP: Learn how to create advertisements – targeted ads can be relatively inexpensive and effective!



  • Twitter is an active community!
  • Leaders/people of influence are very active on Twitter
  • Twitter is easy to use
  • This is a great tool for talking about your promotions
  • Unlike Facebook, all your tweets are shown
  • When you follow people, most will follow you back
  • Twitter’s “who to follow/suggestions” (https://twitter.com/who_to_follow/suggestions) makes it easy to find people you should follow!
  • You can even follow your competitors’ followersJ
  • Look for experts in your industry: try http://www.twibes.com/
  • Find the hashtags that are relevant to your industry and follow those contributing the most to these hashtags
  • Use Hootsuite to organize your Twitter postings and to monitor mentions
  • Always use a url shortener such as goo.gl
  • Hashtags, #, are used in order to sort tweets into categories or topics
  • Develop your own hashtags to track things like contests
  • Use Twitter during events to promote the event and get people in the event talking about the event
  • Find and join in on Tweetchats

TIP: Twitter just added the ability to comment on retweets!



  • Is a platform (owned by Facebook) that is almost exclusively photo based. You share photos with others
  • This platform is growing extremely quickly
  • Consider original ways to visually showcase your product/service
  • Users on Instagram tend to be very active
  • Can be used to run contests i.e. use contests as a way for followers to post photos for you
  • Use popular hashtags
  • You can upload videos (you just need to get the right app to do so – there are a number of YouTube videos on this topic)

TIP: Create unique hashtags for your business!

Google Plus

  • Although there is controversy around it’s usefulness, you can’t argue with something that has over 300 million active monthly users and that Google manages
  • Google plus will help you show up in search results
  • Google search results may show the number of reviews you’ve received (and your star rating may show after 6 reviews – there may be more criteria based on which reviews are indexed by Google, the rating you received, etc.)
  • You can send customized invitations to an event
  • You can use hangouts for video conferencing, but it has glitches
  • Use the “People and Pages” search option for an effective and fast (and fun!) way to add/follow potential customers, related businesses or competitors

TIP: Link to other Google products such as to your Google analytics account


Tips to Use on The Top Social Media Sites

  • Always include a professional personal photo and business product/service photos
  • Use your keywords in your profile descriptions and titles
  • Ensure that there is a link to your website on all profiles/about us sections
  • Claim your vanity urls
  • Always have a platform strategy plan and purpose
  • Always have a clear picture of your target audience


I hope this article was helpful and offered useful tips that will help your business! I love comments so please comment below and highlight some of your favourite benefits for the platforms mentioned.