It is not uncommon for a business to receive 10% to over 1000% more traffic after they land in the number one spot on Google. Imagine what that would do for your business. If that’s not reason enough to learn to love SEO, here are a few more reasons to get you excited about injecting SEO strategies to boost your business online:

  1. Increased traffic: yes, I’m repeating myself, but this is seriously a great way to amplify your online money making potential! Ranking in the number one spot on Google can get your business over 40% more traffic! If your keyword receives 50 views per day, that’s 600 people looking at your website every month. If you master a 10% conversion, that’s an additional 60 new sales each and every month! How nice would that be if, for instance, you are a coach or financial planner aiming for just 5 new clients per month?

For every dollar invested, companies are seeing high return on investment from SEO. Businesses investing in SEO and content are reaping huge growth rewards! A 10% conversion may seem high or unrealistic, but remember, people finding your website through a Google search means that they are actively looking for your particular product or service – they already want what you have to offer. This should = easy sales because it is much more effective than needing to convince people that first they need what you have to offer and second, that you are the best person to deliver the product or service to them.

  1. SEO strategies will naturally help you deliver a better service to your customers! For example, good SEO involves writing content that answers customer questions, optimizes your website for speed, optimizes your website for performance (by ensuring things like links are working properly), and much more. These are all things that naturally make website viewing a more enjoyable experience for customers. SEO tools like Google Analytics will also help you understand which pages people are visiting on your website, so then you can deliver more of what people want and less of what is being ignored.
  1. SEO will tell the search engines what you do and where you are located. Local search is very effective. When people close to you search for your type of service or product, your company will come up if you use SEO tools correctly. Customers will be able to see and click on your phone number, find you on a map and read your reviews to decide if you are the right business for them.

A local SEO strategy can greatly help your business stand out and get found! Tip: the closer you can get your business address to the main street/city centre, the more it may help your local rankings. Google loves local businesses! Also, since mobile use is the new standard, Google wants to please the multitudes using Google on the go searches. Additionally, if Google understands what you do (through SEO title tags and other tools), it will make it even easier for them to show you as a match for what your local potential customers are searching for.

  1. SEO helps you save money on advertising. Once you rank well, you will receive ongoing, FREE, traffic for the keyword you optimized your website for. I’ve done a number of competition analyses and each time it shows clearly that the top ranking competition in any industry is receiving the majority of traffic from SEO, and a fractional percentage from advertising (often less than 2%!) or social media (but social media will help drive your SEO, so do not discount this). That’s why it is shocking that most businesses I talk to will willingly spend thousands per month on paid advertising and barely any funds on SEO.
  1. Good SEO will show your company as a brand authority and help build trust and credibility for your business. Think about when you do a search on Google. Do you naturally start at the number one spot and look down from there? Most people do. We are trained that the most relevant information is usually at the top, such as with newspaper article headlines. We also know that Google is a gigantic authority –so if they place someone at the top of search results, that business must be good. If you rank well on Google, you have instant credibility.

SEO best practices will also force you to create powerful marketing messages that resonate with your target market and show you as a brand leader. A huge plus for SEO and all other forms of marketing you do. Moreover, Google algorithms will give you “points” for putting up privacy policies, terms of service and other good business practice tools. People are more willing to buy from companies they deem have high industry authority and they believe are trustworthy. All of these tools will help do just that.

There are many other reasons I could list, but just wanted to highlight my favourite ones above. Just a few extras for you: SEO will create a long-term roadmap for your entire business to follow. It will force you to create content, make online connections and think outside of the box to out best what your competition is doing. It will force your team to constantly measure trackable results. It will also show you customer insights that should help you in delivering better and more targeted messaging, which will not only positively influence your overall SEO, but help to upgrade your business image with customers.

SEO is scary for many, but it doesn’t need to be. As with anything new and scary, great results can be achieved if you are willing to take a chance. If you want to get on the first page of Google, you are facing a lot of work, but luckily, there are a number of things you can do that can naturally be built into your course of doing business. You can focus on content generation processes for example: creating content, optimizing the content and ensuring there is demand for it, maximizing the output of the content (i.e. I am also doing a YouTube video on this blog post) then helping people find the content and encouraging them to share it. This is just one example, but I hope you get the idea that there is a lot you can do as a business, once you have a framework of what needs to be done. For an easy step-by-step course on what this framework needs to look like, please enroll in my Street Basics Power Guide to SEO training course. It will start you with the basics in addition to giving you a roadmap you can follow after the course is completed.

I hope this article encourages many companies to get started with SEO! Now go out, get found, and make some serious online money!

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