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How do you add a reviews tab on Facebook?

I love this question, because reviews are so important!


  • Log into Facebook and select your business page
  • Go to the “About” tab
  • Click on “edit” under “category” and change it to “local businesses.” This option is great as it lets you highlight your different services too!
  • Add your FULL business address and click on “add to maps.” Go back to your home page and you should now see the REVIEWS tab option. The next step is to ask for reviews:)

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Can I copy content from someone else’s site if they give me permission to?

Absolutely do not do this. Although it is tempting to use ready made content, this is a quick way to get Google to negatively rank your website. Your content should always be original and helpful to readers, which are critical factors for Google. Google only wants to deliver high quality content and duplicate content is considered low quality or could even be considered spam.

You could, however, add your own commentary and photo about an existing article, and link it the original article. Better yet, create an amazing article on your own, and have others link to your article on your own website!:)



Should I Install the Facebook Pixel when Advertising With Facebook?

If you are not using pixels in your Facebook ads, you could be throwing away your money. Pixels are bits of code that tell Facebook what pages on your website mean a successful action that they can then use to help optimize your ad for those successes. So, for instance, if your goal is to get customers to sign onto your email list, your success action might be the thank you page you send them to after they confirm their desire to be on your list. Pixels may be scary and confusing to start, but are really simple once you get the hang of them.

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How can I develop a Twitter card and why do I want one?

Twitter cards are a fantastic way to showcase more about your website on your tweet. You can pick different card types. Because you only have 140 characters on Twitter, twitter cards offer a way to show and tell more about your business. You can show one or multiple pictures, create a title and/or add content you want to draw eyes to.  Twitter cards are visually attractive and a terrific way to stand out and get more engagement from current or new followers.

Create your very own today!:
Create Twitter Cards to Hard Way
Create Twitter Cards the Easy Way