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SEO Classes: Online Training

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Take our full SEO class / online training course from the comfort of your home! Our Udemy course is a 5 star rated program, designed specifically for people at an entry level knowledge of SEO and who want to learn what they can do on their own in order to rank higher on the search engines. For quick tips, please also visit and sign up to our Youtube channel!

Street Basics Power Guide To SEO

Course Rating: 5 Star

Course Length: 4 hours

Our first training course in our line up of SEO classes has launched! This course covers many of the essential components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that you need to know.  I walk you through several how tos and tips to help you compete and get found online.

Ranking higher with the search engines means more people landing on your website and more potential customers.  My course will teach you steps businesses are paying thousands for others to do for them. I will walk you through the sites and tools I use that have helped businesses get to the first page of Google.

If you want free organic traffic landing on your website, this course is a must watch. I will even show you tools you can use to “spy” on your competition to determine why they are ranking better than you on Google.

This SEO Online Class Will Give You:

  • Over 30 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • Understanding of search engine “rules”
  • Ability to apply SEO strategies to your website
  • Ability to access analytics & measurement tools to identify problem areas, where traffic is coming from & more!
  • Understanding of where to locate high quality links
  • Knowledge of optimization techniques for your front and back end content

This Course is Ideal For:

  • Business owners
  • Marketing professionals
  • Those looking to expand their marketable job skills
  • Entrepreneurs and start ups
  • Those looking to make more money online
  • Bloggers/writers


Just think, in only a few hours you can start making a difference to your online results!



Our SEO classes / training do not tell you what the search engines specifically want as the specific formulas used by search engines are secret. The information in the course is based on what the search engines have said or written, principles used by SEO experts in my network and principles I have used to get my clients results.

We our proud to also offer a full range of training programs/seminars/one-to-one training sessions! Please see our portfolio page for more details.