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Corporate Training/Presentations

Corporate Training/Presentations

We love empowering businesses with the tools they need in order to increase their online presence! We have offered online marketing training/presentations and seminars to various groups across Ontario including:

  • FireUp Your Marketing (our own event for entrepreneurs) – presentation on mobile apps
  • YWCA – instructor for new entrepreneurs, seminars
  • Swift Networking – networking group presentation – presentations on SEO and mobile apps
  • Women in Technology – seminar on websites and SEO
  • Panel presentation to small business owners
  • Various businesses across Ontario – one-on-one or team training
  • Multiple one-on-one training sessions for local business owners
  • Company of Women – SEO “how to” practical presentation
  • Online interview by coach Angela Neufeld
  • Milton Speed Networking – SEO made easy
  • Milton Library – SEO made easy
  • Mississauga Speed Networking – Facebook Advertising for Online Sales
  • YWCA – Facebook Advertising for Online Sales

Our training packages will ensure your staff or group receive the most up to date techniques and information. We will tailor the training to your specific business, industry and needs. Training can be provided in person, over the phone or through Skype/on-line meeting.

Watch what attendees had to say following our new Facebook Advertising How To Seminar (June 2017):

Other Past Attendee Comments:

  • The climate of social media is forever changing, and Tricia’s ability to bring existing information into the forefront and make it new and interesting is incredible. – Mirela M., Business Coach
  • Thanks for a great presentation Trisha – you really helped to fill in some gaps for me. – Anne B.
  • Awesome Evening of Networking & Professional Development! Thank you Tricia for your SEO Tips on How to Rank Better On-Line! What FUN We Had! – Linda S.
  • Great evening of learning about SEO from Tricia. Love how she makes SEO easy – Stacy M.
  • Recently I attended a presentation by Tricia Belmonte (Martin) of Like Us Communications. I found it interesting, engaging but most importantly informative. Tricia was able to explain important aspects of SEO to a room full of people, some with website marketing experience and other none at all. Tricia was able to clearly present information to everyone, without overwhelming the people with little or no understanding of SEO and still kept those of us with SEO interested and engaged. I learned something new and helpful even though I have been doing SEO writing for more than 10 years. – Lori Lee C.
  • Tricia is amazing! – Amy L.
  • I must tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation.  You have so much passion/charisma and you could sell anything!!! – Penny Redmond
  • Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Tricia speak at a marketing event. Her presentation was engaging, thoughtful and unique. What was cool about it was that she did not use any PowerPoint slides at all and allowed her authentic self to shine through as she spoke. Rarely, have I seen speakers navigate through a talk with such ease and calmness. The information she shared was timely and the audience loved it. I look forward to her next presentation. – Tawanda C.
  • I had a chance to meet Tricia when she has delivered an informative talk about mobile apps on FireUp Your Marketing event. She has a very enthusiastic presentation style and was able to bring humour, engagement and tons of valuable content. Later, I found out that she also co-created this event with ThinkTank co-working space. Great job on bringing fantastic speakers and holding such a successful event! – Yulia U.