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Promotions can be very effective at driving exposure for your business, product or service. We have provided a number of promotions to our clients, including:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Online sweepstakes
  • Video shoots
  • Grand openings
  • Social media contests
  • PR campaign

Some industries who have taken advantage of our promotion services have included:

  • A major Ontario street festival
  • A moving company
  • A large spa in Markham
  • A best selling author
  • One of the largest wedding officiants in Ontario
  • A major Canadian florist
  • …and more!

We take extra care to ensure you will receive optimal results! For example, we do not simply design and put up a Facebook ad. We have an entire process that includes finding the target audiences/demographics interested in what you have to offer that your competition is not targeting, finding the highest searched and low competition keywords, utilization of advanced copywriting tactics that help conversion, and linking your Facebook ad to your *contact management system/email system if you choose. *most, but not all, CRM systems.

We also offer launch services. For example, a major spa in Markham used our services for their grand opening. We provided a full range service offerings that included social media, public relations, online advertising, tweaking of their website and landing page, and in store promos. The result was a full event that gained media attention!