If you want to propel your business forward, business mobile apps may just be the solution you’ve been searching for!

Technology is amazing. We have the power in the palms of our hands that we could never have imagined just a few short years ago. The good news is that if you say “yes!” to the technology around you and take advantage of it, technology can work to your businesses’ advantage. Take mobile apps, for example.

  • Can a mobile app make your business money?: YES!
  • Can a mobile app save you time?: YES!
  • Can a mobile app do things you have never even thought of?: YES!
  • Can a mobile help your customers fall more in love with you?: YES!

A business mobile app can become your businesses’ new best friend. It will be your admin., sales, marketing and accounting teams, all working pleasantly together to please both you and your customers! It will allow you to engage with your customers like you never have before and craft creative promotions and marketing that will help to scale up your business.


Apps can do what seems like miracles for many businesses. With the right creativity, there are really no limits to how an app can be used to get results for any type of business. Whether it’s used to offer special promotions, loyalty programs, branding, adding extra customer value, connecting with colleagues who can help build your business, etc., an app can help to better connect, grow and build almost any aspect of any business. Apps are increasingly growing in popularity, especially for local events, conferences, dental offices, real estate agents, insurance brokers, schools, the construction industry, restaurants, car dealers, retailers and more.


I think a better question is “what can’t you do with a mobile app?” Mobile apps can be programmed to do almost anything we need them to:

  • Advise customers of deals and promotions, instantaneously
  • Ask for customer service feedback with one click or ask for a review
  • Courtesy reminders such as a daycare reminding parents to bring rain coats if the forecast calls for rain that day
  • Advise your guests on the best coffee stops on the way to your event
  • Turn on a GPS locator so people find your business easily
  • Instantly alert your followers as to where you are i.e. useful for an author doing book signings in different cities
  • Hold contests
  • Provide useful tools for your clients instant mortgage calculator
  • Post out your workshop times, locations and speaker information at conferences
  • Share pictures or videos
  • Provide coupons and push promotions i.e. at lunchtime, post out your $1 off pizza sale
  • Peak view of your new products/pre-order
  • Event or restaurant reservations
  • ….and so many more!

Most important, an app becomes another sales channel where your customers are connected to you anytime they wish. You can be truly original with an app and offer a new experience for your customers that can help you stand out from the competition.

We’ve all attended events where the event was difficult to find, it wasn’t posted where to park, you can’t easily find food or coffee in the area, it’s hard to grab the names of the speakers or you can’t find them on social media, it’s difficult finding people who promised to meet you, etc. Now imagine attending an event where it’s one click to the map, the map shows you where to park, you can easily see where to grab a coffee on the way, the schedule with speaker names and information is right in front of you, all handouts and slides are already on the app for your information, it’s one click to enter all the contests, you can one click connect with other attendees, and so on. If you let your imagination wander, you will soon realize that the possibilities are incredible.

Consider this: online activity has shifted to mobile. If your competition has an app, they are gaining a huge percentage of the marketplace that you are missing out on.

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