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Lead Generation

Business colleagues shaking hands with leads generated through social media

You know the money is in the list, but perhaps you haven’t had the time, money or know how on how to start your email list. We want to help!

  • Have you wanted to start an email list but are not sure how to start?
  • Are you reluctant to ask for help due to the high costs agencies charge to build your email list?
  • Are you worried about having a system that’s CASL compliant?
  • Do you need leads right away?
  • Some say that a good email list is even more powerful than a good social media following! Email lists have high conversion rates plus you can pitch multiple offers. It allows you to build a relationship with your audience in ways social media can’t. Chances are anyone making a killing in your industry, has a large and active email list!

    What we can do:

  • Help you even if you don’t have your own website or landing page!
  • *Set up an email list filled only with your target customers
  • Set up of an email management system on Mailchimp, including basic wording for your opt in & welcome emails (*excludes legally approved CASL wording)
  • NO monthly fees (i.e. Mailchimp is free for under 2,000 subscribers)
  • Get leads within days
  • Facebook advertisement PROFESSIONALLY designed and wording
  • Facebook ad programmed into Facebook for MOBILE (set up for one click access)
  • Basic training so you can manage your own email list
  • You only need to have a business Facebook page, which can be set up in minutes!
  • EXCLUSIONS: Facebook advertising fee ($5-$50/day) and the offer/incentive you use.
  • This is an ideal solution for travel agents, product sellers, affiliates, insurance brokers, those in financial services or real estate, and others who are under an umbrella company website