My overview of TWEETSTOCK: Those Who Tell the Stories Rule the World

June 23, 2016

Today, more than ever, businesses are embracing the power of stories. Why? Because people are buying people first, then the product or service. The more your customers feel connected to you, the more they will listen to you, trust you and root for your success. It’s all about doing business by showcasing the real you. By allowing people to hear your message, see your mistakes and understand what makes you tick, the more you will appear like the human being you are, and less like a logo = allowing you to connect in a powerful way. Being someone people can relate to is what will set you apart from your competition.

TWEETSTOCK 2016 Highlights

They say that when you have need to hear a message, it will come to you. The day I attended TWEETSTOCK happened to be one of those days. I thought I would leave the event with some useful, new social media tips and tricks. Instead, I left with juicy actionable steps I could immediately implement in my own life and business.

Everyone who attended the event will have a different perspective than mine as we are all drawn to the messages we most need to hear. However, for those who could not make it out, here are a few speaker highlights that were relevant to me, which I hope will help you out as well.

Disclaimer: I’ve summarized/put into short form a lot of what the speakers said, so the words may not be exactly how the speakers said or intended them.

Speaker List:

  • James Burchill
  • Paul Fairlie
  • Paul Copcutt
  • John Morgan
  • John Bradford
  • Elise Copps
  • Jason Dykstra
  • Suzanne Zandbergen
  • Greg McMillan
  • Andre Van Heerden


Andre Van Heerden

Andre is the writer, director and producer of multiple feature films. He was a fantastic addition to the speaker lineup! Andre commented on story telling from a film perspective:

  • The answer to the question of what a prospective film is about should always be “Who” – who the film is about – what is his/her story? What is the conflict?
  • Conflict is what brings a character out. How true! How many people have you seen let their brightest or darkest colours shine in the depths of conflict?
  • Characters say more with their body language, than with the words they use. Great actors master this art!

John Morgan

John is truly a powerhouse of a speaker, brilliant marketer and business coach/consultant. It’s impossible not to cling to his every word. Here are some of my favourite tidbits of wisdom from this dynamo:

  • People need to believe you’ll live or die by your message – that’s how powerful they need to be
  • Build a personal and professional community around your story – be real with them and have fun. Also get to know them and listen to their ideas
  • People love stories because it’s not about you, it’s about them. Your story is everyone else’s story
  • Success is all about having the right beliefs and behaviours. It’s about improving yourself first
  • You can control your thoughts, which will influence your actions, which will influence your results. So to make 7 figures a year, you must do it with 7 figure habits.
  • Do whatever it takes to be successful
  • You will never get to where you want to be until you are uncomfortable with wherever you currently are
  • Get out of your own way
  • Your attitude determines your results
  • Find an environment of people who will support your success
  • Don’t let the fear of criticism stop you from putting stuff out there. Just do it.
  • Your fears won’t hurt you, but believing in them will
  • Mistakes are part of your success, not part of your failure
  • Achievers seek results, not approval
  • Be authentic (but don’t complain or whine)

James Burchill

James started by sharing his own personal story of a remarkable life makeover. From the depths of uncertainty to being a successful marketer who a number of people admire and respect, James provided a valuable overview of how he made decent amounts of money building online courses from Thailand. James is a Udemy rock star and had some exceptional information to share! Udemy is a platform that can be used to teach almost anything to anyone. It’s a fantastic way to showcase what you know, while making profits teaching what you love to do.

Here are James’ tip gems:

  • It’s easy to turn your online course, once created, into an eBook
  • Online courses have higher perceived value than information products
  • Try out Teachable as well (Teachable gives you more control i.e. you can get information about your students and charge any price for your courses, but Udemy has a huge database of students)
  • Keep the course to 1-2 hours and the video length to 5-7 minutes
  • Look at what people want to buy
  • The title and the subtitle are very important influencers on what people will buy – so add your keywords to these
  • Getting reviews and engaging with students will also help a course rank better
  • Courses that make money are the ones that relieve the pain now i.e. make more money, save time, get more done

Paul Copcutt

Paul is the branding guru! I heard Paul speak years ago in college and have never forgotten his message as branding is the secret sauce to any successful businessperson! Paul loves Starbucks because Starbucks is all about building communities. Here are some questions Paul put out for the audience to consider:

  • How do others describe you?
  • What do you stand for? (purpose/vision)
  • Who are you trying to reach and where are they hanging out?
  • Get your message out creatively i.e. listing “holds the best piñata bbqs!” on LinkedIn (you’ll need to hear the story behind that one!)
  • When you get clear on your why, everything becomes easier
  • Don’t get caught up in what the competition is doing

Elise Copps

Elise is all about bringing out the personal stories in people, and as a PR specialist for Hamilton Health Sciences, there is no shortage of stories to tell! Elise had multiple tips to share including:

  • Find your target audience and make the story about them. Think about who they are and what they care about.
  • Think about a client you can tell a story about and who people will connect with. Pick someone that others will root for. For instance, people root for small business owners
  • Think of your company goals i.e. to deliver the best care. You can then showcase staff doing that
  • Always appeal to people’s heads, hearts or wallets

The event, overall, was simply amazing. I loved the angle of focusing on telling one’s story. What I enjoyed was that each speaker brought his/her own personal story to the table and his/her own perspective about social media and how to expand one’s influence through story telling. I also appreciated how the speakers clearly took time to bring stacks of wisdom – sparkling life tidbits – the kind that makes you pause, reflect and re-evaluate your life and where you want to be heading.

Note: the event organizers are considering holding this usual annual event, twice this year! I’m definitely routing for this to happen and will be in attendance! I hope to see you there and if I do, be prepared to tell me your story:)

Lowville park

Reflection time after the event!

summer 2016a

After the event, it’s just me, on this path, creating my own new story







Tricia Belmonte, LikeUs Communications